UNH students earn regional honors for diversity/inclusion scholarship

woman being honored with award
Matthew Kleinman, a junior English major from Brentwood, New Hampshire, has been named a winner in the Seventh Annual Kingston-Mann Student Achievement Awards (www.km-awards.umb.edu) for his  essay, “Liberated Improvisation: The Pursuit of Free Expression Through Jazz.” Also a junior English major, Sawyer Theriault from Cape Elizabeth, Maine, earned an honorable mention for his essay, “Writing in Jazz: Identity and Multiculturalism in Jazz Literature.” Both will be honored at a banquet held at U-Mass Boston on November 4.

The Kingston-Mann Student Achievement Awards are intended to acknowledge the work of students who make a valuable contribution to diversity/inclusion scholarship by expanding the understanding of ideas and experiences that have not always been acknowledged or recognized by traditional disciplines. Interdisciplinary approaches and analysis that considers the intersection of race/ethnicity, gender, social class, age, disability, and sexual orientation are particularly encouraged.

Campuses eligible for this student awards program include Emmanuel College, Lesley University, Massasoit Community College, Rhode Island College, University of Massachusetts Boston, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, University of Massachusetts Lowell, and University of New Hampshire.

The awards are named for Esther Kingston-Mann, former director of UMass Boston’s Center for the Improvement of Teaching (CIT) and founding director of The New England Center for Inclusive Teaching.

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