Revolutionary ideas about revolutions

conference audience and Jane Landers from Vanderbilt University

left: conference audience; right: Jane Landers from Vanderbilt University

A bevy of historians is right now gathered on campus, expanding definitions of nationalism, revolutionaries, revolutions, and liberty. They are exploring the period of history in the late 18th and early 19th centuries when a series of revolutionary struggles took place on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. The Americans and the French revolted—yes. But the Belgians, Dutch, and Genevans also did (though without success at the time), and in many parts of Central and South America and the African Coast, old institutions were overthrown. Nine scholars, plus an audience of more scholars, students, staff, and the public, are discussing how aspects of identity, religion, commerce, race, gender, discourse, and geography complicate the way we typically think about revolutions in this period.

For more info about the conference, visit the conference webpage.

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