Three geography students win research awards

Kibale National Park in Uganda

Entry gate at Kibale National Park in Uganda. Two students will conduct research in Uganda, one at Kibale and the other in northern Uganda.

The Department of Geography announced today that three of their students won UNH undergraduate research awards to support their research.

Nick Dowhaniuk, a senior geography major, has been awarded a grant by the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program to study the relationships between population growth and forest loss around Kibale National Park in Uganda. Geography Professor Joel Hartter will be advising Nick on this project and will incorporate the results into his own research in the region. Nick will also be working closely with researchers at McGill University. He will work with Michael Routhier from the GIS laboratory at UNH’s Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space to produce an interactive map depicting land use, population density, and land cover change around Kibale that will be accessible via the world wide web to researchers, park wardens, and government officials working in the area.

Irene Feretti, a dual major in geography and biology, has been awarded a grant by the International Research Opportunities Program to fund her research investigating the effectiveness of malaria prevention programs among young girls in northern Uganda who have experienced severe physical and emotional trauma as a result of armed conflict in the region. Professor Joel Hartter is advising her on this project. Irene will spend nine weeks in Uganda next summer conducting research and interviewing girls in the region. She will work closely with Child Voice International, health professionals, and local women.

Eric Pugliano, a dual major in geography and history, has won an Undergraduate Research Award to support his work to create a series of maps depicting the journeys of people who were forcibly relocated by the Soviet Union during the 1930s and 1940s. He is working with Cathy Frierson, professor of history, on that project and with Geography Professor Blake Gumprecht, who has advised Eric on map making. The maps will be published in a book entitled I Survived, I Speak: Children of the Gulag Tell Their Stories, which will be published by Yale University Press.

Congratulations to Nick, Irene, and Eric!

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