What do George Clooney and UNH have in common?

Dustin Lance Black

Dustin Lance Black, author of the play 8

The play 8.  Both Clooney and UNH community members are participating in a staged reading of this play by Academy Award winner Dustin Lance Black (who wrote the screenplays for Milk and J. Edgar), based on trial transcripts from California’s 2010 court fight over Proposition 8, the initiative that outlawed same-sex marriage in the state.

OK, to be honest, Clooney isn’t in the very SAME reading of 8 as the UNH community members. Rather, both he and UNH are part of an effort by the American Foundation for Equal Rights and Broadway Impact to produce staged readings of 8 across the country this year. Over forty readings have been scheduled thus far from California to New Hampshire. UNH’s reading, directed by Associate Professor of Theatre David Kaye, is on February 7, with a second reading at the Palace Theatre in Manchester on February 10. Clooney’s is on March 3. Yes, his is in Los Angeles, with an all-star cast.

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