Doing it all

Kevin Sousa in his office

Kevin Sousa, academic counselor in the dean’s office of the College of Liberal Arts, has been awarded the 2012 UNH Professional Advising Award. This award recognizes a professional advising staff member for excellence across the spectrum of academic advising. Winners are chosen based on their demonstration of genuine concern and respect for students, professional and ethical standards, mastery of advising principles, engagement in activities that enhance and support academic advising at UNH, and overall enthusiasm.

Students, faculty, staff, and advising colleagues strongly supported Kevin’s nomination, citing his tireless efforts to help students succeed and his dedication to his work.

Caitlin Baldwin, the academic counselor for the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences and 2011 advising award winner, spoke of Kevin’s accomplishments at the award luncheon this year.

“Kevin is the academic advisor for a college that serves over 40% of UNH’s students,” Caitlin noted, “so the sheer number of students he serves is daunting. An academic advisor in a dean’s office must work with advising drop-ins and appointments at any given time. But he or she also must work with a spectrum of issues concerning conduct and disciplinary cases, petitions, prospective students, parents, faculty, study abroad, scholarships, orientations, open houses, and general facilities. Just because I think it’s worth pointing out again—COLA represents 40% of UNH’s students.”

In addition to his on-campus accomplishments, Kevin is also an award-winning country music singer. Just last month, Kevin and his wife, Melissa, came in second place for best country duo in the National Country Music Association’s competition in Tennessee.

“I can’t say for sure,” concludes Caitlin, “but there are either more than 24 hours in Kevin’s day or he has found a way to duplicate himself because I don’t know how else he does it all.”

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