Open house: the beginning of something special

prospective students and their families in the Granite State Room

Prospective students and their families start the day in the Granite State Room. Dean John T. Kirkpatrick hosts.

Tis the season when hundreds of newly-admitted students and their families visit campus in an effort to determine if UNH is right for them and if they’d like to enroll. Every spring, the College of Liberal Arts holds Open Houses on four consecutive Fridays to help those admitted to the College learn more about UNH.

This past Friday, the College hosted over 600 people for a day of talks, meetings, fairs, entertainment, panels, tours, and good food.

For seasoned UNH students, faculty, and staff, it can be invigorating to remember the excitement and promise of embarking upon a college career. These young, accomplished campus visitors are in the process of making an important decision about the shape and direction of their lives. In many cases, they are about to experience the freedoms and responsibilities of independence for the very first time. The students’ energy is palpable. To behold the beginning of this awesome life transition is a wonderful thing.

jazz trio

A student jazz trio entertains the Open House attendees in the afternoon. Earlier in the day, a student woodwind quintet captivated its audience.

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