Student writes from Cairo on election day

Nate Petrocine in Cairo

The New York Times announced today that Mohammed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood has moved into the presidential office in Cairo, signifying Morsi’s victory in the presidential run-off. This is the first victory of an Islamist as head of state in the Arab world.

Nate Petrocine, a senior political science and international affairs dual major from Waterville Valley was in Cairo, Egypt, during the initial round of presidential elections at the end of May. He sent UNH a report from the field. Here’s an excerpt:

“…the streets remain as peaceful as a street in Cairo can remain. There are no protests, there are no rioters, and there are no Molotov cocktails. It is a typical evening in the capital on a not so typical day in Egyptian history. And this may be the most important aspect of the election, one that we may very well overlook.

“Egyptians are demonstrating they have the capacity to responsibly handle democratic transition seamlessly. On this Thursday evening nothing was out of the ordinary, save for the hundreds of Egyptians lining up at polling centers, waiting to cast their vote. They have taken the electoral process in stride with their everyday lives. That’s what is most inspiring. Egyptians who suffered more than 30 years of autocratic rule and 15 months of anticipation are quick to embrace democratic reform and have accepted the tremendous responsibility of choosing their first freely elected leader.”

Read Nate’s full report in UNH Today.

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