Moving up

Murkland Hall column
Dean Kenneth Fuld of the College of Liberal Arts is pleased to announce this year’s faculty promotions in the College.

Promoted to the rank of professor are Eliga Gould (Department of History) and William Kempster (Department of Music).

Promoted to the rank of associate professor with tenure are Holly Cashman (Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures/Spanish), Julee Holcombe (Department of Art and Art History), Mary Fran T. Malone (Department of Political Science), Jeannie Sowers (Department of Political Science), and Sarah Stitzlein (Department of Education).

Promoted to Murkland Lecturer are Jennifer Armstrong (Department of Philosophy), Pamela Barskdale (Department of English), Timothy Churchard (Department of Education), Richard Clairmont (Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures/Classics), Carol Fisher (Department of Theatre and Dance), Arlene Kies (Department of Music), Sarah Marschner (Department of Theatre and Dance), Daniel Raymond (Department of Theatre and Dance), Janet Schofield (Department of English), and Peter Yarensky (Department of Psychology).

Promoted to Senior Lecturer are Robert Eckstein (Department of Psychology), Michael Mangan (Department of Psychology), and Catherine Moran (Department of Sociology).

Congratulations to all!

One Response to Moving up

  1. Tim Churchard says:

    Thank you Arlene, Catherine, Anna, Robin for your great work on this. Also congratulations and thanks to Ken and Ted for the vision.

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