Alumna lands her dream job

Erica Bertolotto in Tanzania in 2005

Erica Bertolotto in Iringa, Tanzania in 2005

Alumna Erica Bertolotto ’06 (political science/international affairs) remembers her UNH-funded undergraduate research in Tanzania and how challenging it was being “a young, white, clueless woman in East Africa.” However, she credits the experience with getting her where she is today.

“I got into grad school at the London School of Economics because of my field experiences in Central America and Tanzania. I was one of very few people starting my Master of Science degree immediately after my undergraduate degree. Without those experiences I doubt I would have been accepted,” says Bertolotto.

During an interview for her current job, she submitted a sample business plan for an agricultural school in the very community in Tanzania where she had done her undergrad research. It must have been an impressive plan because she got the job.

Bertolotto calls it her dream job. She is Programmes Manager at Teach a Man to Fish, a London-based charity that provides quality, affordable education to young people around the world by helping schools become financially self-sufficient.

Read the full story in the Inquiry Journal.

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