History Professor wins best article prize from New England Council on Latin American Studies

first page of Julia Rodriguez' winning articleJulia Rodriguez has been awarded the 2012 Best Article Prize by the New England Council on Latin American Studies (NECLAS). Her article, “A Complex Fabric: Intersecting Histories of Race, Gender, and Science in Latin America,” appeared in Hispanic American Historical Review. It analyzes the work and influence of the historian Nancy Leys Stepan who was Rodriguez’ dissertation advisor at Columbia.

Peter Kingstone, President of NECLAS, writes in his award letter that Rodriguez’ article “presents a carefully documented analysis of the development of Latin Americanist intellectual thought on science and racial hierarchies. Julia Rodriguez asks us to think about how the meaning of scientific thought in modern Latin America was constructed…. Overall, Rodriguez’ cogent analysis of the impact of Nancy Leys Stepan’s scholarship for Latin Americanists is illuminating, well documented, and highly engrossing in large part because of the author’s narrative ease.

“We award it the 2012 NECLAS Best Article prize because we believe that it will serve as a foundational article for future study and debate.”

Read an abstract of the article or read the full text.

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