Professor Elected American Folklore Society Fellow

Burt Feintuch

Burt Feintuch, professor of English and director of the University of New Hampshire Center for the Humanities, has been elected to the Fellows of the American Folklore Society.

The Fellows is an honorary body that recognizes outstanding achievement in folklore studies. Founded in 1888 in Cambridge, Mass., the society is an association of people who study and communicate knowledge about folklore throughout the world. Feintuch was formally recognized for this honor at the American Folklore Society annual meeting in New Orleans in October.

“Like many folklorists, I start with the assumption that every community shapes deeply felt values and strongly held convictions into aesthetic form. Folklorists study those ‘collective exercises in creative meaning-making.’ Much of what humans are, much of what we think of ourselves, and many of the ways in which we live together can be illuminated by the study of folklore, and ultimately my goal is to have students see the world as a remarkably diverse place, enlivened and illuminated by the traditions and practices we study,” Feintuch said.

Read the full story by Lori Wright in Campus Journal


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