Immersed in Chinese

Matt Jones at blackboard

Political science/international affairs dual major Matt Jones teaches Chinese four nights a week to students K-10 in Durham’s One World Language School. Jones started his own study of Chinese just a few years ago at UNH. Last year, he participated in a 15-week language immersion program in Beijing. “I thought my Chinese was pretty good until I got over there,” he recalls. “You learn to up your game really fast, though, when knowing the language is the only way to get a drink of water or a meal.”

Jones did up his game. Now he has taken all of the Chinese classes available at UNH and tries to converse in Mandarin whenever he can to continue to improve his skills. He’s got to keep sharp because, after he graduates in May, he’s going back to China. He’ll be teaching English to native Mandarin speakers for a year. Then it’s back to the States for grad school. His ultimate goal: working in China as a foreign service officer with the U.S. Department of State.

Read the full story by Kristin Duisberg in UNH Today.

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