New Perspectives

The word "Perspectives"The Sociology department announces the publication of the spring 2013 edition of its undergraduate journal, Perspectives. This edition was edited by undergraduates Benjamin Bullock and Sharon Tarleton with the assistance of graduate students Matthew Cutler and Melissa Day. Assistant professor of sociology Rebecca Glauber oversees the publication of this annual journal.

The 2013 edition contains six articles that cover a wide range of topics. Whitney Mills studies the experiences of women who were of reproductive age when the birth control pill was unveiled. Jared Liamos explores criminal kidnappings in Mexico City. Catherine Lee looks at the experiences of traditional college students who choose to attend a Christian organization on the UNH campus. Audrey Hickey presents a brief history of teen-focused abstinence groups and virginity pledge traditions in the United States. In a literature review, Alexandru Panait evaluates how information and computer technology use differs by socio-economic status, gender, and age in social science research. Benjamin Bullock conducts a literature review to better understand how the personality characteristics of self-efficacy and sensation seeking influence alcohol initiation and use by youths, and to identify how parents and peers influence those characteristics.

Read the journal.

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