Next Term Up!

Occupy Movement poster image: woman marching across NYC

The 2014 January Term schedule went online earlier today. Among the dozens of courses that the College is offering is a new experiential learning opportunity, POLT 584: Occupy Democracy: Participatory/Sustainable Democracy in Theory and Practice. In this course, students will explore the key concepts of participatory democracy and practice how to both test and live out those ideas. How will they do it?¬† Online coursework will build the academic framework and a retreat at Camp Merrowvista, an eco-educational, experiential learning center, will provide the hands-on training. Located in Tuftoboro, NH, Camp Merrowvista is set on over 600 acres in the pristine Ossipee Mountains. A special team of camp leaders will facilitate the activities during the retreat, bringing ideas into action. The course is taught by Marla Brettschneider, professor of political science and women’s studies, who seeks to provide an unique “classroom” experience that is both challenging and exciting.

View the flyer for this course

The College is offering dozens of other online courses, hybrid courses, and study abroad opportunities in January Term. Study where you want: at home; on campus; in London, Rome, Moscow, or Belize; or in the mountains of New Hampshire at Camp Merrowvista!

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