Four N.H. Students Named B. Thomas Trout Scholars

B. Thomas Trout

B. Thomas Trout

Four New Hampshire students have been awarded B. Thomas Trout Scholarships from the College of Liberal Arts to support their study abroad experiences in the 2014-15 academic year.

The scholarship recipients are Leslie Duff, an anthropology major from Portsmouth; Joseph Juknievich, a history major from Nashua; Shaina Maciejewski, a history major from Peterborough; and Amber Petty, a fine arts major from Hampstead.

Duff will study at the Belize Archaeological Field School this summer under the direction of UNH professor of anthropology Eleanor Harrison-Buck. “As an aspiring archaeologist, this is an opportunity to gain valuable hands on training that can’t be studied in a classroom,” says Duff, who almost gave up on the idea of studying abroad due to financial constraints. Duff looks forward to working with professionals in the field and hopes the experience will be great preparation for graduate school, her next step toward a career in archaeology.

Juknievich will participate in the UNH London Program this fall. “This program will provide me with a deeper appreciation of U.S. history and American culture from an outside perspective,” says Juknievich, who plans to study European perceptions of America in both a modern and historical context. As a twin, Juknievich notes that college expenses have been doubled for his family, so this scholarship provides welcome relief. Juknievich plans to pursue a career in education.

Maciejewski will also attend the UNH London Program in the fall. She specializes in the study of European history and plans to write her honors thesis on crime in Victorian London. “Smitten” with London since she saw the movie The Parent Trap when she was five, Maciejewski says that traveling to London “has been a dream of mine for fifteen years.” Though she’s been working and saving for this trip for quite some time, Maciejewski points out that London is one of the most expensive cities in the world, so the scholarship will provide much-needed assistance.

Petty will study painting in the UNH-in-Italy program this summer. “Italy is one of the best places to study art and art history,” she says. “I will be able to see the master works I have studied for years.” Plus she’ll paint every day and take photographs, which is her area of concentration. Last summer, Petty planned to study abroad in Italy but could not do so for financial reasons. She believes this scholarship will allow her to make her dream a reality.

The late B. Thomas Trout was a professor of political science and an associate dean in the College of Liberal Arts. Throughout his career, Professor Trout actively and tirelessly promoted international studies as a vital part of the college curriculum. He was equally dedicated to the development of study abroad programs for undergraduates, convinced that expanding the range of international study opportunities for American college students was integral to their understanding of a complicated world.

In Professor Trout’s honor, the College of Liberal Arts established the B. Thomas Trout Scholars Fund, which supports academically outstanding College of Liberal Arts undergraduates, allowing them to participate in a UNH-managed study abroad program in the College.

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