St. Botolph Club Foundation Distinguished Artist Award Goes to UNH Professor

David Ripley

Professor of music David Ripley has received this year’s St. Botolph Club Foundation Distinguished Artist Award. The Foundation awards $5000 each year to an artist who has demonstrated outstanding talent and an exceptional diversity of accomplishment. Recipients of the Foundation’s Distinguished Artist Award also are recognized for their contributions as teachers, mentors, or advocates.

The Foundation was established in 1963 to recognize and support artists working in or associated with New England. The non-profit organization is supported by the contributions of members and friends of the St. Botolph Club, a private institution established in 1880 “for the purpose of promoting social intercourse among persons connected with, or interested in, the arts, humanities, and sciences.” The Foundation is chaired and managed by members of the Club, many of whom are full-time practicing artists.

The Foundation awards $35,000-$50,000 annually through its Distinguished Artist Award and through the Emerging Artists program, designed to encourage artists at an earlier stage in their careers.

“At this point in my life, this award is extremely gratifying and encouraging for the future,” says Ripley. “UNH has of course figured most prominently in my opportunities for service, for instance, the MLK ‘Wounded Dove’ recording, so for all those I am very grateful, and they are indeed reflected in this award.”

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