New Cognate Teaches Communication Skills

flyerThe College announces the launch of a new program aimed at providing undergraduates with a “toolbox” in communication skills that will give them a boost in the job market. Called the Cognate in Technical Writing and Public Speaking (TWPS), the 3-course concentration requires one introductory course in technical writing, one in public speaking, and one advanced course either in public speaking as a civic art or advanced professional and technical writing. The cognate is intended to develop effective expression, important in nearly every field of work students are likely to pursue after graduation.

Students who complete the three courses should contact Associate Dean John T. Kirkpatrick to formalize the program for their records. Students will see the cognate reflected on their transcripts. The program is open to undergraduate students from any major or college at UNH.

The Technical Writing and Public Speaking Cognate is one of two cognates currently offered by the University. The other is the Cognate in Technology. A cognate is a coherent set of courses in a discipline or interdisciplinary grouping aimed at enhancing career-oriented skills in high demand in the employment market.

Learn more about the Technical Writing and Public Speaking Cognate.

Contact with questions.

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