Center for the Humanities Announces 2015-16 Faculty Fellows

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The Center for the Humanities announces the award of its 2015-2016 Faculty Research Fellowships to five faculty members in support of their research on the following projects:

Tom Haines (English)
“Fueled: An American Odyssey” is built upon six walks the author is taking across diverse landscapes of fuel in America to create an intimate reckoning of how our energy appetite impacts distant places and people.

Janet Polasky (history)
“Cosmopolitans Between Nations” will study the revolutions spawned at the center of Europe in the shadow of threatened empires and at the periphery of those same empires in the long decade between the American and French Revolutions.

Natalie Porter (anthropology)
“Viral Economies: An Ethnography of Entitlement in Pandemic Flu Control” will show how policymakers, health workers, scientists, and citizens exchange knowledge and resources at various sites of bird flu management in Vietnam.

Jeannie Sowers (political science)
“Children of the Uprisings: Protest, Violence, and Children’s Political Participation in the Middle East” will bring together humanities and social science methods to explore changing social discourses, state practices, and legal norms regarding children’s political participation, victimization, and vulnerability in the uprisings of selected Middle Eastern countries.

Reginald Wilburn (English)
“Marked With Milton: A Sequel in Intertextual Tradition” will examine overlooked appropriations of Miltonic influence in the tradition through close analytical readings of African American novels, vocal performances, literary criticism, and an obscure operetta containing strategically selected appropriated passages from Milton’s canon.

Funded by the Center’s general endowment and the Ben and Zelma Dorson Endowment in the Humanities, the fellowships provide a semester-long opportunity for junior and tenured faculty to pursue humanities research with no teaching obligations. Awardees participate in the Faculty Fellows Lecture Series in the year following their fellowship.

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