New Minor in Special Education Announced

The Department of Education has launched a new minor program in special education. The Special Education Minor provides students with the opportunity to explore special education as a professional career choice. It also provides a pathway to the Department of Education’s professional graduate preparation program in special education. The graduate program requires a number of courses be taken as prerequisites to the program that meet the core professional courses required for a credential. A minor in special education allows students to focus on those courses, which will support their professional aspirations in special education and will add to their understanding of disabilities in our society. The minor also provides an opportunity for students in other disability-related fields such as occupational therapy, speech and language pathology, recreation therapy, and theatre to explore these issues. The minor would be appropriate for any student who wishes to gain a greater understanding of the diversity of individuals with disabilities.

Requirements for the minor are 20 credits that include Introduction to Exceptionality (EDUC 750), Teaching Exceptional Learners (EDUC 751 A, B or C), Supporting Families of lndividuals with Exceptionalities (EDUC 756), and two elective courses chosen in consultation with an advisor.

Full information on the minor can be found at this page on the Education website.

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