Good Company

Chengu deans and administrators

Group training in Holloway Commons.

Thirteen deans, administrators, and faculty from Chengdu University, UNH’s sister university in China, are in their second week of training in Durham this week. Organized by the College and Confucius Institute at UNH, the training provides information about how an American university operates, from academic standards and curricula to faculty development and research, and beyond. Additional informal meetings allow the Chengdu visitors to network with faculty and staff throughout the University. The Chengdu contingency has taken time to soak up American culture, too. The group attended a football game over the weekend (UNH won), spent a day shopping at the Fox Run Mall, and visited Portland, Maine, and Boston’s Chinatown. This is the fourth year that Chengdu University administrators and faculty have trained at UNH.

Dean Kirkpatrick offering gifts

Dean John T. Kirkpatrick offered each Chengdu visitor the gift of a handcrafted metal work birch branch, representing the NH state tree.

Chengdu Dean presents gift to Dean John T. Kirkpatrick

Dean Wang Lingjiang, in turn, offered Dean Kirkpatrick a gift on behalf of Chengdu University–an engraved plaque. CI-UNH Co-Director Jie Du translates.



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