Historian of Medieval Europe Publishes Two New Translations

photo of David BachrachDavid Bachrach, associate professor of history, focuses his research on the military, administrative, and economic history of medieval Germany and medieval England. He recently published two translated works that shed light on medieval Saxony and the German city of Worms.

Deeds of the SaxonsBachrachWidukind2014

by Widukind of Corvey
translated with introduction and notes by Bernard S. Bachrach and David S. Bachrach
The Catholic University of America Press (December 2014)

Widukind, a monk at the prominent monastery of Corvey in Saxony during the middle third of the tenth century, is known to posterity through his Res gestae Saxonicae, an exceptionally rich account of the Saxon people and the reigns of the first two rulers of the Ottonian dynasty, Henry I (919-936) and Otto I (936-973). His close relationship with the royal court enabled him to provide an “insider’s” view of the people and events that shaped the political and military history of the most powerful kingdom in Europe.

The Histories of a Medieval German City, Worms c. 1000-c. 1300book cover

translated and with commentary by David S. Bachrach
Ashgate (August 2014)

The texts in this volume focus on the city of Worms in the period c.1000 to c.1300. Readers can follow developments in the city from the perspective of writers who lived there, gaining insights about the lives of both rich and poor, Christian and Jew. No other city in Germany provides a similar opportunity for comparison of changes over time. The history of Worms illuminates the broader urban history of the German kingdom at the height of its power.

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