What the Heck is on the Trees…

plastic ties on tree

…outside the Paul Creative Arts Center?

The prickly neon tree ties are an art installation that is part of the Museum of Art’s upcoming exhibition “The Physicality of Color” opening Jan 23, 2015.

Boston based artist Catherine Evans’s installations deal with the repurposing of common objects and transforming everyday materials into the powerful, the un-ordinary; stretching preconceived notions of the limits and boundaries connected to that object. Multiples are an important part of her work. Repetition of process is also paramount, building connection between the art and artist. Often, her creations embody the multitasking required in doing work in a woman’s life—repetitive braiding, knotting, tying as a way of fixing, maintaining and being. She finds a calmness and satisfaction in creating art through life’s concerns.

Evan’s piece, Thistle, created from brightly colored plastic cable ties and plastic hardware cloth, is a tribute to the importance of trees in our lives, says the artist. The piece can be seen outside the museum in the Mills Courtyard on a number of trees through March 29, when the exhibit closes.

See more wrapped trees in this short video:


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