New Issue of Spectrum, the Undergraduate Journal of Anthropology

spectrum of light

The Department of Anthropology is pleased to announce the publication of their newest edition of Spectrum: An Undergraduate Journal. In this fourth issue, students present research articles and book reviews that cover topics in religion and gender, medical anthropology, and archaeology and historical anthropology. The journal is a showcase for the kinds of research and inquiry that students and faculty engage in each year in the Department.

Student researchers featured in this issue are Molly Foye, Samantha Cotellessa, Holly Linseman, Benjamin Rideout, and Alecia Bassett. Providing book reviews are Christian Kapstad, James Naas, Emily Belanus, and Samantha Flecchia. The issue is edited by Professors Natalie Porter and Svetlana Peshkova.

“Students in our department mobilize everything from myth to material culture, oral history to ecological indicators, primary to secondary sources, firsthand experiences to media accounts, in order to explore the continuities and changes affecting various social and cultural groups worldwide,” note Porter and Peshkova in their introduction to the issue. “This holistic approach to academic research that builds on convergences between socio-cultural anthropology and archaeology is at the core of our identity as an undergraduate only Department of Anthropology.”

Read the journal at

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