UNH Political Expert Explores Many Faces of Republican Party in New Book

book cover

A new book co-authored by UNH political expert Dante Scala examines four factions of the Republican Party and how they can influence the presidential nomination process. It clearly defines the four different groups and helps readers better comprehend the election process, as well as how it can unfold in a predictable manner. The Four Faces of the Republican Party is available from major online retailers.

As a national expert on presidential primary politics, Scala regularly provides commentary for national and regional news media. His other areas of expertise include the New Hampshire primary, American campaigns and elections, state and local government, American political development and politics, in general. His current work includes a study of campaign finance in the era of super PACs.

Scala, and his co-author Henry Olsen, a senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, set out to write a book that would be essential for anyone interested in understanding, reporting on, or influencing the Republican presidential election. They argue that there are more nuances to the GOP beyond the “establishment” versus the “outsiders.” More factors typically come into play than are usually highlighted in the media and so-called conventional wisdom. For example, the authors explore why a Conservative Party always nominates a candidate favored by the party’s establishment and why evangelical conservatives always emerge as one of the two final contenders for the nomination.

“It’s actually a much more complicated dance to become the nominee,” said Scala. “Because the nomination process is often misunderstood, we wanted to put together a detailed and comprehensive profile of Republican Primary voters, on a national and state by state basis, so the reader can follow along and be engaged throughout the election.”


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