On Their Way: Faculty Retirements

Did these faculty members make an impression on you? Let us know by leaving a comment below. 

photo of Pam BarksdalePamela Barksdale

Principal Lecturer in English
Years of Service: 1993 – 2016

photo of Carol ConawayCarol Conaway

Associate Professor of Women’s Studies
Years of Service: 2003 – 2016

Photo of Jeff DiefendorfJeffry Diefendorf

Pamela Shulman Professor in European and Holocaust Studies
Years of Service: 1976 – 2016

Photo of Janet GoldJanet Gold

Professor of Spanish
Years of Service: 1995 – 2016

Photo of Ron LeBlancRon LeBlanc

Professor of Russian
Years of Service: 1988 – 2016

Photo of Joe LugallaJoe Lugalla

Professor of Anthropology
Years of Service: 1994 – 2016

Photo of Claire Malarte-FeldmanClaire-Lise Malarte-Feldman

Professor of French
Years of Service: 1984 – 2016

Photo of Harry RichardsHarry Richards

Dean of the Graduate School and Associate Professor of Education
Years of Service: 1979 – 2016

Photo of Judith RobbJudith Robb

Associate Professor of Education
Years of Service: 1982 – 2016

Photo of Duane WhittierDuane Whittier

Professor of Philosophy
Years of Service: 1967 – 2016

Photo of Peter YarenskyPeter Yarensky

Principal Lecturer in Psychology
Years of Service: 1983 – 2016

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