UNH Faculty Artists Featured in New Exhibit at York, Maine Gallery


Works by faculty artists from UNH will be on display at the George Marshall Store Gallery of the Old York Historical Society in York, Maine from August 27 to October 2, 2016. The opening reception is Saturday, August 27, from 5-7 p.m. The Gallery is located at 140 Lindsay Road in York.

For almost a century, the studio art program at UNH has provided a sound formal education in the fine arts for art students from New Hampshire, the New England region and beyond. An emphasis on fundamental concepts and traditional methods as well as an insistence on original thinking characterize an art program that has produced many of New England’s prominent artists, in addition to many others living around the country and the world.

The artists teaching at UNH are themselves active professionals whose works are on continual display at regional, national or international venues. Between them, they cover the disciplines of painting, drawing, ceramics, photography, printmaking, sculpture and woodworking. As teachers, they are in the habit of giving assignments to their students. Perhaps, unconsciously they also give themselves assignments. The result is work that is always exploring new ideas and techniques.

Artists included: Sachiko Akiyama, Michael Cardinali, Brian Chu, Grant Drumheller, Rick Fox, Julee Holcombe, Craig Hood, Jennifer Moses, Don Williams, and Leah Woods. Click here to read more about each artist. Click here to view images of the artists’ works.

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