August 2, 2012

Dig deep, and don't hold back from pursuing those things that you are good at. ~Michele Dillon, UNH Professor of Sociology

Research on Roman Catholics’ attitudes published in new study

October 25, 2011

Christ handing the keys to Saint Peter, Pietro Perugino painting

Michele Dillon, professor of sociology, was in Washington, D.C., yesterday at the National Press Club to talk about a new study of Roman Catholics she just released with colleagues from Georgetown and Catholic University.

The study, which surveyed 1,400 adult Catholics, found that Catholics are moving away from strict adherence to the dictates of the church hierarchy at the same time that they are staying true to their core beliefs in the tenets of Catholicism. Some divisive issues are abortion, homosexuality, divorce, and remarriage, which many Catholics see as personal decisions rather than ones for church leaders to decide.

Read more about the study in The Washington Post.

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