UNH Philosopher Explores Nature of Morality in New Book

December 2, 2014

book cover

UNH philosopher Timm Triplett has published a new book that explores the nature and scope of morality through a fictional dialogue among four college students, their teaching assistant, and the course professor. In Morality’s Critics and Defenders: A Philosophical Dialogue (Hackett Publishing Company), Triplett’s characters embody differing perspectives on morality, from moral relativism to egoism to religious viewpoints and beyond, in order to shed light on the broad debate about the overall status of morality. While specific social policy issues, such as animal rights and racism, arise in the course of the dialogue, the discussions focus on more fundamental questions such as: what is the motivation to be moral, is religion in tension with secular moral principles, does science undermine morality, and can a common morality emerge out of the diversity of human interests?

Triplett is an associate professor of philosophy whose teaching and research focus on contemporary epistemology and ethical theory.

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